Sunday, April 6, 2014

Views from Planet Autism March 2014

Hello and greetings to all the lovely people out there. I feel ecstatic whenever I sit down to share another leap in Amrit's journey with all of you. This is the third year that we have displayed her work at Views from Planet Autism at the Habitat Centre and all those of you who have seen her work will, I am sure,  agree that there is a marked maturity in her work as well as her persona. Indeed Amrit has come a long way. Her lines have become clear, her concepts have matured, her painting has become neater and overall her connect with her surroundings and her understanding of the world around her has seen a huge maturity. For a long time now, Amrit has been following the news and seems to be interested in reading the newspaper every morning. In fact it's quite an interesting sight to see her sitting with her cup of morning tea focused on the newspaper. This newly acquired interested is very evident in her portraits of politicians and celebrities this year. One thing that also stands out is the focus on the figures. Off course the colours and the hues remain as vibrant as ever.  The attention to detail is also a salient feature of her work.

Once again much of the credit to this transformation in her work goes to her mentor, Mr. Anil Goswami who has been her guide, facilitator and her pillar of strength. I owe much of this to his unflinching, selfless, constant support and endeavor. Another wonderful person I cannot thank enough is Mr. Pabitro, who has been by her side, gently guiding and nurturing her talent. These two gentlemen have once again given Amrit a reason to smile.

When I sit to write about Amrit, one thing that always overwhelms me is the gentility of  the people who touch her life. My colleagues, my friends, my younger daughter's friends and their parents, the network and support has been growing. It leaves me stunned and I cannot but marvel at the ways God showers his blessings. All these people, Known and unknown have touched our lives and we are truly blessed to have come in contact with them.


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