Saturday, July 4, 2015

It is Happening- Good things

It has been really long since I have shared all that has been happening in Amrit's life for a long long time now. A lot has happened and with each big and small milestone and achievement, I cannot help but wonder at how many good people come and stand in support of Amrit. But let me first share all the new happenings. We have launched Amrit's website. Yes it has been another achievement, however small but her work is there for everyone to see now. You can visit her at
She has also made her presence felt on facebook. She has had another exhibit at AFA and her work has been much appreciated.
Thanks to the efforts of Debra Hosseini, Amrit's work is being exhibited at The Beijing international Art of Autism exhibit August 21 – 23 and (travelling in China after). This is another achievement for us and we would like to celebrate it with all our well wishers. Here is a glimpse of her latest works.

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  1. Hi Amrit,
    I was in Beijing this summer and saw your work at the International Art of Autism exhibit. I spoke with many people at the exhibit and we loved your work. The detail, creativity and use of color is wonderful! Congratulations!
    -Ruth :)