Friday, July 13, 2012

Every new day is another chance to change your life

Its been amazing to watch Amrit's transition from a young restless girl to a much mature young lady. She is far more adaptive and open to change now. She has religiously followed her gym routine and has also learned to swim a little. She has wonderfully managed to travel all the way to the Academy of Fine arts and Literature through the summer break to train at the gallery of renowned artist Arpana Caur. She now makes really good tea and is lending a helping hand in so many chores in the house. We cannot but feel proud at her achievements. Here's a look at her latest paintings.


  1. As always....I am awestruck viewing her strokes of colors. I have always felt that art speaks about their artist and Amrit's art conveys lot of activity but with peace..
    It's like calmness and peace dwells within every action portrait in the painting.
    It's beautiful!!!

  2. Beautiful paintings! The rich colour definition, the strong strokes...she's a budding Picaso! :)