Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Proud Moment-My work display in the school art exhibition

Amrit’s journey from the isolation and limitations of her early years to the vastly increased social integration and competence she enjoys today has been a truly amazing experience for both of us.
She began drawing at the age of approximately six and impressed her teachers by her spontaneous control and meticulous accuracy. Her favourite subject matter was landscapes and animals. Art to her came as natural as breathing.  She would catch a fleeting glimpse of a running horse and recreate it perfectly.
Painting is her release — her escape — her way to fit into a noisy and disordered world, her way to connect with the people around her. She creates and performs because she is compelled to by the forces that make her unique, but she also does so because it brings her tremendous joy. She uses no models for her drawings, but draws from images seen only once, on television or in a book. She has perfect recall but often adds her own touches, interpretations or improvisation to the images.

She established an incredible connection with colours, patterns and rhythms at an early age. Of late
her works are largely architectural or of cityscapes. Under the guidance of her teacher and mentor, Mr. Anil Goswami, her work has seen a major shift from naturescapes to abstraction. She has blossomed as a more mature artist where she doesn’t hesitate to experiment with textures. With his subtle nudging and prodding, he has succeeded in showing her the right direction. His timely inputs have led her to develop her unique meditative expression.She is using lot of vibrant hues. The lines and angles of each facade have been rendered with photographic accuracy; the colors, on the other hand, are blithely surreal.
Her work may not appear communicative, yet it does articulate something, and that something may well be saturated with hidden affect. Her work is a mark of a coherent private world conjured up in the sweep of imagery of an individual creator. Provided we as viewers can entertain the fantasy of travelling into that world—in the same way that we might travel into a foreign country with no knowledge of its language or customs—we are in a position to savour the extreme experience of otherness.


  1. I saw Amrit's work before,this time it was a revelation.I have seen teachers taking her idea and use it in the work.The reason then was that Amrit's art was the exultation of her uncluttered mind free from the stess mark that society embosses on us.Thats why her work is so vibrant.I was pleasantly pleased to see the structural changes in her work-in her use of colour,use of cubes or other geometrical shapes and in the use of points.Her lines have become bolder and more confident.Mr.Anil Goswami is really doing a great selfless rvice on the entire existence of Amrit.

  2. very true...her work is vibrantly communicative and i wish her a lot more growth and love for her work.