Friday, February 3, 2012


Am I different? I often wonder? I look like you but I think so differently. My world and your world-look the same yet so different. Why? I don't understand your world.

Our Journey.
Abide with me, as I journey
take my hand, I dare not walk alone.
Lean on me, when life gets weary,
I will help you, 'til we're grown.

Sometimes I won't know your sorrow,
you may not always see my tears,
if you stumble on your journey,
I will lift you... calm your fears.

One day we will know the answer
to that searching question....Why?
Yet for now, we'll walk together
hand in hand, as life goes by.

Our pathway is not lined with roses
but there is magic in a smile,
this road we travel may be lonely
but there are rainbows once in a while.

Help me as I climb my mountain,
in the valley I have grown
put your weary hand in my hand,
we cannot, dare not, walk alone.

(an excerpt from the book
One More Blessing
the story of a small boy
and his struggle with autism)


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  2. Thank You so much. You too have been a part of this journey in your own way.Thank you for being there.

  3. Dear Amrit,

    Thank you for allowing us into your world. It is a privilege. And, you have incredible artistic talent!

    All the best to you!

    Mr. Rob Moore
    Comox Valley School District - Canada

  4. Dear Amrit I read it ones that " winners don't do different things but they just do things differently" and so as you I believe.
    Trust me i feel so delighted to get a glimpse of your world.
    take care :)